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Welcome to the new home of Arsenal SA! hopefully you will like the new website!

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West Ham

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A goal to savour more than most. Courtesy Arseblog.

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AW's 999 game record

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Many complaints surface about AW’s record over the past 9 years.  How fair are they?

Look at these 2 links and it’s easily seen that instead of getting worse, he’s getting better!



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I can't believe that our terrible injury record over the past 5-6 years can be down to bad luck alone? It must have something to do with our training methods, and maybe our squad size. What do you guys think?

Team to start against Chelsea

Let's play 4-4-2.


Congratulations to Kabelo and Tyron on being voted as the new ArsenalSA Chair and Treasurer! Looking forward to reaching new and dizzy heights.......at ArsenalSA!