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Yet another moment of magic from Tomas....... Source Daily Mail

Sometimes I really wonder about the state of my brain. With all the weird and wonderful (x 4) results from Saturday I watched Maureen Joe’s interview post Bradford with some great pleasure. (Schadenfreud?)
How then, did the line from that well amended and bawdy ballad “In the shade of the old apple tree” instantly come to mind? ….. ‘In the midst of the frolics, she stood on my bollix’ …. Oh Jose, your face was a picture.

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England Norway

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Danny W creates a problem.  Pic courtesy of London 24


It’s rare for me to bother watching England play these days, but with four Gooners in the squad might it be worthwhile to have a look?  Only two in the team and reports of Danny W. injured in training (join Arsenal and get injured on England duty? Well there’s a surprise) whilst Calum was on the bench.

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Manure loss

We make no real mistakes in the match and yet manage to lose!Time to bring in Isaac Hayden and Akpom.Can't be much worse than the first team players.The leagues most clinical finisher looks on....
Hayden and Calum and be DM's.


I can't believe that our terrible injury record over the past 5-6 years can be down to bad luck alone? It must have something to do with our training methods, and maybe our squad size. What do you guys think?

Team to start against Chelsea

Let's play 4-4-2.