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Welcome to the new home of Arsenal SA! hopefully you will like the new website!

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Alexis opens the scoring. Source Daily Mirror.

When watching the spuds getting hammered by the scousers is the highlight of the day, it doesn’t really say much for our performance. After all, even Taylor didn’t have a really bad game (though giving Ches a yellow for having his family jewels assaulted was way out of order as was turning down a penalty when Santi was pushed down) so we can’t really blame him for the first time since he started reffing our games.

But we did take a league game lead for a change when Yaya managed to find Alexis for an easy tap in.

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Mind the gap!

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The tooth fairy will make it better!

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I can't believe that our terrible injury record over the past 5-6 years can be down to bad luck alone? It must have something to do with our training methods, and maybe our squad size. What do you guys think?

Team to start against Chelsea

Let's play 4-4-2.


Congratulations to Kabelo and Tyron on being voted as the new ArsenalSA Chair and Treasurer! Looking forward to reaching new and dizzy heights.......at ArsenalSA!