Fellaini anyone?

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Word has it the Belgian playmaker is refusing to sign a new contract at Goodison Park... he's got the quality to be a success with us and he would have an immediate understanding with Arteta. Nice afro, too...

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Nah.too injury prone--on that score he'd be a shoe-in ,but overall positional play not the best.gets beaten too often in midfield and then we will be under attack.

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he'd be a great buy, hard

he'd be a great buy, hard working in the role between the defence and midfield, a gap thats needed to be filled since gilberto left

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I would only consider him if

I would only consider him if we forced him to lose that bloody fro!

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Even though I wouldn’t want

Even though I wouldn’t want us to be blamed for hammering the final nail it to Everton`s coffin, I rate him as better than average and would be a good squad player for us, better that Diaby at least.

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Wouldn't mind him he is

Wouldn't mind him he is good
Sometimes it take a 3 star instead of a 5 star player to put the team on top again