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Why do some of us gooners disrespect the man who has taken us to such heights, revolutionised our game ,modernised our ethos as a club and given us some of the best years of his life.A gentleman who stood by his word and elevated us .And now some have the temerity to ask him to resign.Disgraceful behaviour.I hope when the season starts we are all united behind club and manager.

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Where are they now?

Where are all the Wenger critics now? what pissed me off is that now that he made the signings, people still piss about, why didn't he make it a lot sooner. haters will be haters :) In Wenger We Trust.

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personally, i'm a Wenger fan,

personally, i'm a Wenger fan, but after all these trophy-less seasons, i'm starting to question his transfer policies. no doubt he signs talented youngsters and has proven that time and time again, but an experienced holding mid and central defender would be wonderful to see, but for now....In Wenger We Trust