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With Giroud not scoring,is it time to play TW as a main striker tonight?
Will the team score more if we play a 4-4-2 system with both TW and OG as strikers?

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Think Walcott could become

Think Walcott could become next Henry if played right on striker. RVP en Thierry.started on Wing. Look where they are today!

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Cannot hurt playing him (TW)

Cannot hurt playing him (TW) up front, he wants to be like TH so give him a go!!!

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in honesty i would love to

in honesty i would love to see TW upfront i think the defence would play high up in anticipation of his speed thus making themselves targets

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Od dawna zastanawia mnie wpływ inwestycji na rynek nieuchomości. Czy to co piszą na to prawda ?