Why not the VERminator?

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Most of the rumours has been about a DM. Yann M'Villa to be precise.BUT do we need him? Do we want to buy a player that will cost the club around 17million pounds? Instead of M'Villa why not make the VERminator into a defensive midfielder? He has got the pace, he has got the killer passes and he is mostly in the midfield anyway instead of defending at the back. Let him play infront of our defence and bring in maybe Vertogen or another quality defender to play alongside Koscielny. This move will be more cost effective and Thomas already knows our style of play. What do you gooners think?

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Never looked at it that way

Never looked at it that way but now that you mentioned it
Its a brilliant idea
he can be a danger going forward and we will always have cover.

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I think that would be a good

I think that would be a good idea, but I really doubt that Wenger would be willing to do it. We can hope though!!

I hope we sign Fellani from Everton, I think he would be ideal i that position, and he is great on attack as well!

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Arteta and Fellaini! Now that

Arteta and Fellaini! Now that would be a real coup!