Magic Numbers: 10 out of 10

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Arsène Wenger said ‘It will take around ten games until the Emirates Stadium feels like home.’ The tenth game was a premiership clash with Newcastle United, which ended in a 1-1 draw.

Arsenal won their sixth league Championship on 10 April 1948

In closing in on the 1997/98 League title, Arsenal won ten straight Premiership games from the 1-0 victory over Wimbledon on 11 March 1998 to the decisive 4-0 victory over Everton on 3 May 1998.

When Arsenal lifted the Premiership trophy that day, Francesc Fabregas was spending his last day as a ten-year-old.

Sour Sugar

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Alan Sugar is now most famous for his appearances on the television in the UK show The Apprentice, complete with his famous catchphrase: ‘You’re fired!’ However, he was once the chairman of Tottenham Hotspur.

While at White Hart Lane he discussed a new Arsenal signing with the press. ‘It’s total madness,’ he said, adding, ‘If Bergkamp thinks he’s going to set the world alight, he can forget it. He is a good player but he won’t be successful. Arsenal got him because they needed a bit of cosmetic marketing.’

Goals aren't everything!

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Arsenal won the title in the 1937/38 season and somehow managed to score fewer goals during the campaign than Manchester City, who were relegated that same season!

Not a coincidence, Carzola!

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On this day in 1999 one Thierry Henry joined The Arsenal.Carzola's joining, perhaps today, not a coincidence.

Quick Cup Facts

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* In the victorious 1970/71 FA Cup campaign, Arsenal were not drawn at home once. However, two of their ties - Portsmouth in the fourth round and Leicester in the sixth round - ended in draws, which meant the ties had to be replayed at Highbury.
* Arsenal were the first team to win both the FA Cup and the League Cup in the same year - 1993 - beating Sheffield Wednesday on both of the occasions.
* Arsène Wenger is the only Arsenal manager to win the FA Cup more than once.
* Mr Wenger also led Arsenal to five successive FA Cup semi-finals between 2001 and 2005.

Pizza Excess

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A quick look at the past and present Arsenal players’ favourite toppings:

Patrick Vieira - Pepperoni
Sebastian Larsson - Ham and Beef
Alexandre Song - Bolognese
Theo Walcott - Four cheese
Robert Pires - Mushrooms, egg and ham

Other people called Arsène

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Arsène Lupin - A fictional character appearing in the works of French crime stories by Maurice Leblanc.

Arsène Oka - A footballer from the Ivory Coast currently playing in the Major Soccer League (MLS) in the US.

Arsène James - A St Lucian Politician.

Arsène Houssaye - A 19th-century French novelist and poet.

Arsène Roux - A 20th-century language expert.

Compton Loses a Cap

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In 1938, Denis Compton damaged his knee in a collision with an opposing goalkeeper and his subsequent sporting career on both the cricket and football fields was seriously afflicted by knee problems.

Eventually. in November 1955. he underwent surgery to have his right kneecap removed.

The surgeon kept the kneecap as a souvenir and later donated it to Middlesex County Cricket Club as a part of their Lord's archive. It has been described as looking like a medium-sized mushroom, honey-coloured and honey-combed.

Arsenal Changing Room

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Do you know that there are no square corners in the Arsenal changing room. AV requested that all the corners in the home changing room, when the new stadium was built, be made rounded as he believed that square corners are unlucky. It's interesting to note that the visitors changing room corners are square.

Arsenal Trivia

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From Gooner Jack Morris

Nice stat for you – Kos has scored in the last 3 “St Totteringham’s Day” games.

Another stat for you, if in 1995 you’d bet your mate R20 Arsenal would finish higher than spurs, and then gone double or quits in every season since, he’d now owe you R10,485,760!!